Hi, welcome to my author blog!



Hi, I am a new author, well relatively new.  I am for the most part like any other author except for one exception.  In 2005 I almost died from meningitis so it makes things a bit more difficult for me to process information. Which is why i started writing!  My first book is a book of fiction which is called The Sunshine Murders.  This book was published last year and I am now finishing up another romance book called Love Me Till Tomorrow.  Both are on Amazon Kindle but the last book is undergoing some editing.  I hope you find these post informative, funny and interesting.  I am a Marine Corps veteran and live in NC. I am always looking to connect with new authors and will be sharing updates as my writing journey continues.  Welcome to my blog!


2 thoughts on “Hi, welcome to my author blog!

  1. My name is Ryan Donovan.
    You turned up on my wordpress..com blog; ryanindaswamp.wordpress.com.
    The intro on my site said that our blog’s have something in common.
    I am as well a Marine Corps Veteran. I work 7 days a day a week. As well I am homeless.
    My blog posts are “Man In Da Street”. When I started this blog I was not homeless, just terminated from candy ass corporate 250 America.
    Like your page. Are you self published regarding your books?
    At any rate take care. Semper Fi.

    • Heya Ryan, I feel your woes, its tough nowadays. I was in the Corps in the 80s and as far as book publishing I pretty much figured it out myself and self published. It was really just something I did to help regain some cognitive skills. In the end it was alot of fun. Thanks for the comment. Dave

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