Love Me Till Tomorrow, A Romance Apocolypse Saga


1980’s Ocean Beach Pier, San Diego Calif.

So, I know I just started this whole new author blog thingamigigy but I’ll try and keep it as informative funny and interesting as possible.  I know nobody really wants to hear some yahoo come on here and promote their book.  Iv;e seen so many people  write blogs talking about how great their new book is and why don;t you check it out on Amazon, after all it’s only 99 cents.  I’m sorry but I feel that’s a sell out.  Obviously if you write a book you should see it as being worth more than a cup of cheap decaf coffee.  Im not talking Starbucks either.  I mean cheap Nescafe rotgut coffee that you buy at the dollar store  Like the real shit stuff. I think the months of writing a book are worth more than that.  I just do.  Im not into mass production baby.  I wanted to write something that interested me, not just possible readers.  So, the book Love Me Till Tomorrow is a book I wrote about a young couple who fall in love after a plague concocted by the government to curb overpopulation goes wrong.  Initially I thought it would be a real short book, like a short story but as I kept writing it seemed to grow and grow and finally I was up to 5,000 words, then 10,000, then 20,000 and yadayada.  I found myself actually being able to visualize the characters I created, feel their struggles and get to know them.  I guess that was my intention.  To create characters that were interesting and that I could sympathize with.  My writing venture is not unlike alot of others Im sure.  I started after contracting Meningitis and almost kickin the bucket in 05.  For two years I contemplated suicide, I went to doctors and asked why is this happeneing to me, why can;t I focus?  Why are things so difficult.  When I got out of the hospital I was pretty messed up, the meningitis had really fried my brain. Like being on acid for months and then your brain says aww fuggit. So writing for me turned into a private therapy lesson.  It helped me regain some cognitive skills and give me purpose.  It wasnt always that way though.  Nope.  Ive been a US Marine and a Navy reservist.  Ive also spent four years as a electrical apprentice learning the ropes of electrical install.  Then ten more years of field work.  So, why didnt I just off myself when it got tough and I saw no future?  Not sure but could be because as a kid growing up in a biker town in San Diego California I saw my own dad suffer from an injury.  Eventually after two years of suffering he said to himself enoughs enough.  He jumped off a 200 and something foot bridge at 43 and killed himself.  So, maybe that’s why.  I don;t know.  I do know if I had done that, well then my book Love Me Till TOmorrow would of never been written.  So, its the little things that so many people dont do for others anymore.  everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie.  I dont want that anymore.  Ive had it.  Nice house, good job, money..all of it.  So, when I see these people they may look at me like yea whatever.  But the stories I have the things Ive seen in life, make me know that I know something they don;t.  That all the shit in the world wont buy you happiness and you can never in a million years take it with you when you die.  My book, well that will be around long after I go.  And, that my friend is priceless…


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