Fished Out, Ramblings Of Another Struggling Author

Ok, so I think I am all fished out. Literally! I have been fishing the lakes of and around Raleigh, Durham North Carolina for the past year when I’m not writing a manuscript for a book or blogging for companies. It’s amazing how many people come up on a daily basis and ask…”Catch anything?” Out here there are different types of people depending on where you go. For starters you can be in Durham and the people are more city oriented and about half African American and half white. If you travel maybe 10-15 miles west you run into a different type of people. Most are country folks who have their own opinion of the city folks and it isn’t all good. Seems like it’s two entirely different worlds.

For me being from San Diego and having been in the Marines here in NC in the 80’s I seem to get along more with the country people. Many are veterans and have their own political beliefs and if you aren’t offended by some pretty colorful language you can get along with them great. I love fishing and you will meet a lot of country fisherman out here. The stories I have heard and the friends I’ve met over the past couple of years has probably reached the 3 digit mark just from fishing Jordan Lake and Lake Michie here. Some of the more interesting people have entertained me and me them for hours on end as we patiently wait for that monster catfish or bass to hit. It really is alot of fun and my expertise in fishing has become more…well…expertise….haha. If your into chatting it up with some down home folks it can really make the day go well and fishing at the lakes is 3 bucks cheap. The lakes are huge and for a few more dollars you can rent a boat or a canoe. Not a bad deal for a guy from a town that cost 1500 bucks for a rat hole apartment.

Sure living here is much cheaper and the jobs are not the best but for someone like me living on a fixed income after my bout of meningitis, it suits me well. So, the books I wrote, the short horror stories like “Tina” were thought up from my living among the country folks and I guess I kinda of like the oldness and simplicity of that kind of life. But, as in the book “Tina” there are skeletons in every closet, even the darkest recesses of a country home closet with that single lightbulb illuminating it’s skeletons. I really like coming up with some pretty wackly stories and the latest, “Mother Dearest, Till Death Do We Part” kind of brought out the dark yet humorous side of me. To not get too deep into who I am, I figured my obsession with dark humor and horror came from my own upbringing, abuse and finally my own father’s suicide when I was 17. I think he had his own skeletons as we all do and they crashed down out of his closet or so he felt they had in his mind. Why else would someone off themselves? That is probably where I get the ideas and the drive to write short horror stories. Getting them read and rated, well that’s another story. I’m still a nobody in the writing world and we all know how hard it is to get noticed there! Last year I published a Novella called “Love Me Till Tomorrow” which is an apocalyptic romance book and it came out fairly decent. I think however, the more you write the better you get. Then, it comes second nature and is easier as you go along. Well, it’s the fourth of July 2014 and I’d like to wish everyone a happy fourth and play it safe, don’t booze cuz you will definitely lose and enjoy the weekend! Oh, and just in case you wanted to read a wacky short horror book, check out It’s on Kindle and really needs a push!


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