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Hi, this is my book page.  Well I guess its a book page and a page about me and what I do nowadays.  Im not sure when I started to dig on writing, probably after I was diagnosed with a chronic illness.  I think it has helped me cope and keep me from going crazy.   I also like hearing other peoples stories and what prompted them to start writing a book, blog, article.  I will update this page but for right now, Im just calling this my book page.  I like to see what other people are doing too and what inspires them to write, because i know and have found out that just writing through experience isnt enough.  You have to continue experiencing to keep your mind lucid and open.  Today even though I am pretty broke I managed to go to a Museum herein Durham NC.  I walked through the place and found that there was much more I had not seen before.  Like tarantulaas and weird worms and a log with about 10000 cochroaches on it.  Some laying on top of each other.  These were not normal roaches, these were the hissing ones and about 2 inches long.  So I checked those out and saw some other cool stuff like weather satellites and make believe toronados that they make artificially.  i also walked into what looked like a botanical gaden and low and behold there were hundreds if not thousands of different types of butterflies.  I was amazed literally.   Some were huge and others  were very very small.  It allowed me to open up, get out of my head and just live in the moment, taking in the true beauty of life and what it is all really about.  No cell phones, tvs, car noise or crying babies.  This is what inspires me and allows me to feel that life is still living.  To be a man living with Aids who looks nothing like your stereotypical Aids patient is tough.  I deal with the emotional sideeffects but no longer the physical.   So while I may appear to look normal on the outside, I have changed on the inside.  My values are different as well as my expectations.  So writing naturally is a way of expressing myself without having to actually say a word.  In the end it has made me stronger, wiser and more accepting of myself and others.  To those who havent been so close to the other side and have yet to develop an appreciation for the small things.  I say, if your lucky….you will.

3 thoughts on “Dave’s Book Page

  1. Wow, I could relate to so many things that you said. Thanks for writing this. I’m curious to see what’s next! My thoughts were on this very thing lately. I just wrote about it this morning. “To those who havent been so close to the other side and have yet to develop an appreciation for the small things. I say, if your lucky….you will.” Very well put!

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