Stormy Nights

So, its looking like storm clouds here in NC.   It never really seems to amount to a whole lot.  The whole storm tracker thing.  I mean when I had my ranch house out in the boonies there were a few scares.  Sometimes we would see flashes of lighting and a fe times the house seemed to shake.  It was pretty wild especially since I was practically laid out in bed alot of days due to my recovering from the Aids diagnosis.  Ive noticed alot of my old friends from back in the day who know Im pos think of me a little different.  Kind of like, yea well you were always a tough guy, your dad killed himself, you grew up with hells angels, your mom was a fucken pot smokin bitch and you grew up around a bunch of bullshit.  They probaly see me as someone who could survive a holocaust so they don’t sweat it Im sure.  for all intents and purposes I guess I am like a damn cochroach.  Today I biked about five miles on my mountain bike and had a blast.  Yesterday my son and I drove out to Lake Jordan and went fishing.  No fish but we did manage to start a fire out there on the beach.  We had no paper to light but we did haul a bunch of old branches out of the swampy are and pull them to the beach and then started the fire with a burning pinecone.  Pinecones burn great and you can set them on fire with a lighter and then set the kindling wood abaze from that.  At the end of the day my son was like, “Hey dad, that’s like survival stuff man.”  lol…I thought that was funny as hell.  For him Im sure it was but thats cool.  Good kid he is.  I think alot of my old Marine Corps survival shit come back to me.  Survive at all cost.  Before we went fishing we went and saw my old neighbor, a redneck who lived out in the country next to us.  His problem was always the bottle and although its been two year since I last saw him, hes been in jail for a year of that time from a DUI.  And now, he got another one. lol.  I mean cmon man, aint ya gonna learn bro?  I guess he doesn’t because he said hes going back in the joint come this Thursday.  So, I guess some old dogs cant learn new tricks.  Sad because hes a nice guy, just letting the bottle do his living for him.  Bummer.  The book I have today to recommend is The Big New Yorker Book Of Dogs. Im not a big dog fan but this is a best seller and has some rave reviews.  So I’ll recommend it.  Here is the link to it.  In the future I think Im going to look for books that have just a few reviews but positive ones.  Maybe I can help boost their sales.  Who knows. My book The Sunshine Murders has been doing ok on Amazon and last month I wrote another easy to read publishing and marketing book that is now on Amazon called Simple Steps To Publishing And Marketing your Kindle Book.  This was a lot of research on my part.  It also is the result of my trial and error in my writing, publishing and marketing efforts. So far I noticed its been selling too and before I combined all the e books together to make one book, I received a five star rating on Amazon for the 2nd series book.  Now it’s just one book.  Its not that big but I put a shitload of info in it with links and all kinds of stuff for new authors.  Blog sites, websites,author shows, all kinds of junk.  Speaking of which my Cardioglide has been getting neglected.  I love the thing even if its as old as Methusala but its kind of sitting on the back burner right now while I ride my mountain bike. Tomorrow I go into the VA to get my lab work.   I always hate going to the VA.  Its just one of those places that makes me feel like Im in the twighlight zone.  They have little robots on the floor that scurry around.  well, Ive only really seen one and it looks like a remote control R2D2.  Weird shit.  Theres your tax dollars at work I guess.  Ok, Im out of breath and I should get back to what I was doing.  Staring at my neglected Cardioglide.  BImagee well Dave


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